Human Resource Management Notes for BBA, B.COM & MBA

Human Resource Management Notes Download
Human Resource Management Notes
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Before Getting the Human Resource Management Notes, I want to ask one Question from You?

Have you Realized Yourself when You’re not selected in the Interview or your Dream College?

Some people take it as a learning. Other might start blaming the HR of the Company that He is Corrupted or He is hiring by taking References

But Have You Actually asked from yourself that Have you given your 100% in the Interview or You are just giving the Reasons(Fake) so that you can tell to your Friends to be safe from your friends of being bullying.

The reason can be your Communication Skills or Public Speaking Skills or not having some Experience in that particular Industry.

But You can’t say lie to Yourself !!!

You should see from the HR Manager point of view. If they start hiring those Employees who are not applicable acc. to the requirement of the firm , then the HR will be responsible for you in case of any Problem.

We have talked about How HR plays a very important role in the Firm’s Performance.

Here, We should know the Meaning of the Management of the HR that is known as the Human Resource Management.

Here, we will provide you the Human Resource Management Notes. We have attached the (HRM) Human Resource Management Notes in PDF form. Download it from the button below.

Human Resource Management Notes Free Download
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We have also attached this Blog Main Points in the form of PPT .Download it from the button below.

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So, Without wasting your Time, Let’s Jump into the Introduction.

Introduction to the Human Resource Management-

Introduction to Human Resource Management
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It is basically a process of bringing people and organizations together so that the goals of both should be met. In simple words, the work of the HR Dept. is to Select the Best Employee for the Firm acc. to their Needs.

That can be like If the firm has need of Experienced Staff or Fresher that totally depends upon them.

The PDF, in the End, is the Complete Notes of Human Resource Management for B.COM, BBA and MBA.

History of Human Resource Management-

HRM pdf notes free download

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Have You tried to think Why there will be a Need of HR occurred in the Firm?? So, there is their some Past story. Let’s catch this up in brief.

The HRM has come from the Industrial Revolution and currently to the Human Resource Approach in a variety of contemporary factors.

So, Let’ get discuss them all in brief

  • Industrial Revolution- In this revolution, Every firm started purchasing the latest machinery, technology made greater progress.

Workers have to do less part of their work, specialization increased but it has also less the no. of workers because of having less need of workers because of new machinery

  • Scientific Management Approach- To Improve the Efficiency and Speed of Workers and Employees, F.W. Taylor comes with the Scientific Approach. In this approach, they divide the work into small parts and gives the work to the worker acc. their Specialization so that to get a productive results.
  • Trade Unionism- After the Scientific Approach, Workers started making their union as to protect against the exploitation done to them or any unfair practices or regarding their pay & benefits. The Lock-outs are the popular examples of this time by the Trade Union.
  • Human Resource Movement- This Movement was conducted by Elton Mayo and its Harvard Colleagues. In this Approach, they tell that the Productivity of Employee is not only affected by the Job Design or not getting the Bonus or rewards.

It can also be through their Sociological and Psychological factors like their Family problems etc.

  • Human Resource Approach- This Approach refers to the ‘Pet Milk’ Theory which states that the Happy Cow gives more milk. In similar to this, happy workers are the productive workers.

So, we have to keep them happy by giving them rewards, benefits from time to time so that they will be more motivated and works for long period in the firm .

Nature of HRM-

Human Resource Management Notes pd
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  • Individually- Oriented
  • People Oriented
  • Available the Right People acc. To Need of the Firm
  • Builds Relationship b/w Various Dept. of Firm
  • Continuous Function in Every Types of Firms
  • Inter-disciplinary function
  • Auxiliary Service

The scope of HRM-

HRM notes for mba pdf
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It’s Scope covers three Aspects of HR that are Personal Aspect, Welfare Aspect and Industrial Relation Aspect.

  • Personnel Aspect- This Aspect includes-
Manpower Planning
  • Welfare Aspect- In this Aspect, we provide good working conditions and amenities to the Employees and Workers of the Firm by-
Canteen and Lunch Room
Transport Facilities
Medical Assistance
Health & Safety
Recreation/ Entertainment Facilities
  • Industrial Relation Aspect- In this Aspect, We maintain Industrial relations b/w the employees or with different firms by-
Collective Bargaining
Grievance and Disciplinary
Settlement of Disputes

Importance of HRM

Importance of Human Resource Management
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  1. At Enterprise Level
  • If there is a Good HR Dept. then it will obviously helps in attracting and retaining the customer for a long time.
  • For promoting the Spirit or the Confidence, HR Dept. also provides Training for their Competitive Role.

     2. At Individual Level

  • It provides opportunities to the Deserving Employees for Promotion, Transfers to other States etc
  • It allows people to work with commitment also by fulfilling their all needs.

     3. At Society Level

  • For Society, Human Resource Dept. helps them by providing Employment opportunities to the people.
  • It also put scarce talents to put in use.

     4. At National Level

  • For a National Level, if there will be a Effective use of Human Resources, then it will benefit the usage of physical and financial resources in a better way.

Functions of HRM –

HRM Notes for bcom pdf
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As the HRM has so many functions but it is mainly classified with two set of functions-

  1. Managerial Functions- It includes all the functions of management which we use to do proper management.
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Staffing
  • Directing
  • Controlling

I believe You know very well about these management functions also

   2.   Operative Functions- To operate the firm’s work efficiently, firm do so many functions like Job Analysis, Career Planning, provide training from time to time and many more which are classified into these few sub-parts-

  • Procurement Functions- In this function, we procure the right employee of the firm by efficiently taking the Job Analysis, HR Planning,  Recruitment, Selection, Placement, Induction so that we can select the Best Employee.
  • Developmental Function- In order to Increase the Performance and to lessen the mistakes of the Employees, the firms also provide them Training, Executive Development, Career Planning and HR development so as to increase their confidence and morale to do the work.
  • Motivation and Compensation- In this, the firm motivates the employees/ workers by giving them Motivation, Performance Appraisal, Incentives & Benefits, Job Evaluation etc.
  • Maintenance Function-  In order to provide a protective environment to the Workers/ employees, they help them by giving them the maintenance services like providing Health Safety, Employee Welfare and Social Security Measures etc.
  • Integration Functions- It includes Grievance Handling, Discipline, Collective bargaining, Employee Participation, Industrial Relation etc.

You can Download the Human Resource Management Notes free from here.

Human Resource Management Notes Free Download
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These Notes are for all B.COM, BBA and MBA students.

There is also a Human Resource Management PPT which you can also download from here for FREE!!

Human Resource Management PPT Free Download

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