Job Evaluation Process in HRM | Step by Step Explanation

Job Evaluation Process in HRM

Job Evaluation Process in HRM starts from gaining the acceptance of the Employees and ends with the Installing and reviewing the Job Evaluation method.

Before going to the Process of Job Evaluation, firstly let’s know its meaning.

Job Evaluation Meaning

Job Evaluation means to evaluate who is giving a more valuable contribution to their job in terms of Hard Work, Skills, Mental Efforts than other jobs. It is a systematic way of finding the value of job in comparison to the other jobs in an organization.

Organizations come up with the Job Evaluation Method that makes a difference between Jobs to know the relative value for introducing a Good Pay Structure.

Process of Job Evaluation

Process of Job Evaluation in HRM

Process of Job Evaluation in HRM comprises of 8 steps that are as follows-

  • Gaining Acceptance- Job Evaluation Process starts with a Job Evaluation Method for the Employees and their Trade Union. If the Employees who work there support the Job Evaluation Method and take it as the betterment of their work Growth. Then the Top Management starts the Job Evaluation. So, it’s all about gaining the Employees Acceptance first.

  • Creating Job Evaluation Committee- The Next Step of Job Evaluation Process in HRM is to create the Job Evaluation Committee. Job Evaluation Committee are handled by Outside Experts, Employee Representatives, Trade Unions Representatives to know the actual worth of employees.

  • Finding Jobs to be evaluated- It is not possible to select all the jobs for the evaluation. The Organization select the few jobs from all the jobs in terms of work level, responsibility etc. for evaluation.

  • Analyzing and Preparing Job Description- Now the Committee has to analyze those selective jobs and prepare the Job Description of those Employees. Job Description includes their work tasks, duties, responsibilities in that Job Position.

  • Selecting a Method for Evaluation- This is the most important step in the Job Evaluation process in HRM. After analyzing and preparing the Job Description, now the Committee has to choose the Job Evaluation Method which suits their works whether it is a qualitative or quantitative method. If it is qualitative, then what will be better- Ranking Method or Grading Method. In the case of Quantitative, Factor Comparison Method or Point Rating Method. So, the Committee has to select an appropriate Job Evaluation Method for better results.

  • Classifying the Jobs- Now the Committee has to classify the jobs in a way whether it is a manual job, skilful job, Supervisory Job or what are the working conditions available or responsibility of the Personnel etc. to go for the further process.

  • Installing the Method- After Classifying of the Jobs according to the suitability of the Employees, the Committee install that Job Evaluation Method into the Organization and start seeing the results of the Evaluation.

  • Reviewing the Method- Job Evaluation Method is not a one time process. According to the suitability of Employees, it is reviewed from time to time period. If there is any need to change the Job Evaluation Method, the Job Evaluation Process repeats and come with a new Method.

So, This is all about the Methods of Job Evaluation in HRM. To Know About the Job Evaluation Methods, then Click here.

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