Placement and Induction in HRM- Importance, Process, Difference

Placement and Induction in HRM- Importance, Process and Difference

In HRM, Placement and Induction plays a very important role. Although their meaning is different. But both programs are designed to give the Information to the New Employees so as to work more efficiently and comfortable in the organization.

What is Placement?

Placement is the actual posting of the candidate for the specific job. It involves the assigning of specific rank and responsibility to that candidate about that job.


Acc. to Pigors and Myers, “Placement is the determination of the job to which an accepted candidate is to be assigned and the work of that job. It is the match of what the supervisor has reason to think he can do with what the job demands”

Importance of Placement in HRM

  • To assign their responsibility for what they have to perform.
  • It is an important part for HR Department.
  • To  match the requirement of job  with the candidate qualifications.

Benefits of Placement

  • To show the results on the job which the applicant has promised in the Interview process.
  • To keep the spirit of applicant high and report regularly.
  • To avoid mistakes and accidents of the employees.
  • To get along with other members of the organization easily.

What is Induction?

It is the task of introducing the new employees to the organization and its policies, procedures and rules. In a Typical Formal Orientation programme may go for a day or less in most organizations.


According to Michael Johnson,  “Induction is the process of receiving and welcoming an employee when he first joined the company and gives a basic introduction about the company to settle him quickly in the company.

Importance of Induction in HRM

Importance of Placement and Induction

  • Remove the fear of the Employee.
  • Create a Good Impression  about the Company.
  • Acts as a valuable source of information.
  • Gives a feeling of belongingness.
  • To better know about the company.

Process of Induction Programme

  • First welcome to the Organization.
  • Explain about the Company.
  • Show the Location/Department where the New recruiter will work.
  • Give the Company Manual to the New Recruit.
  • Provide Details about the various workgroups and the extent of unionism with the company.
  • Give Details about the Pay, Benefits, Holidays, Leave etc.  and emphasize the importance of attendance and punctuality.
  • Explain about future training opportunities and career prospects.
  • Encourage the New Employee by Clarifying their doubts so that they can come out with questions.
  • Take the employee on Guided Tour of Departments, Facilities etc. and hand him over to the supervisors.

Difference between Placement and Induction in HRM

Basis of DifferencePlacementInduction
MeaningIt is the process of involving the new Candidate in the organization by assigning their rank and responsibilities.It is a process to welcome the New Candidate in the Organization.
PurposeTo know the roles and responsibility which the new Comer has to perform.
To know more about the organization and also remove the fear of the New Employee.
Comprises ofIt comprises of matching the requirement of job with their Qualification.It comprises of the Introduction of new Employee with the organization so as to perform their job better.
One Way or Two WayTwo WayOne Way
Process FormIn this, the overview of their practical work is given to New Employee.In this, the Complete Presentation of Company is shown to them along with the policies, procedures and introduction with the other employees.

So, this is about the Complete Overview of Placement and Induction in HRM (Human Resource Management).

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