Total Quality Management PDF Notes and PPT Download

Total Quality Management PDF Notes and PPT Download

Download the Full notes of Total Quality Management in PDF and PPT .

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Total Quality Management PDF
Total Quality Management PPT

In this Modern Scenario, All the firms are using Customer Oriented Approach. Now firm can’t produce goods according to their requirement. They have to produce goods according to customer’s needs.

Now, Customers want Quality Product at lesser prices. Customer is the King of the market. Firm has to keep in mind their needs.

Most of the Companies have to shut down their business. That’s because they are not able to maintain the quality in their product at less prices.

So, what is the Meaning of Quality according to you???

Quality Meaning

Quality is the value that is received from a particular product and Value is the Cost-Benefit of the product.

In simple words, Quality is something which confirms its satisfaction.

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Total Quality Management (TQM)

Total Quality Management pdf notes

Total Quality Management(TQM) is based on two Principles That are Continuous Improvement and Customer Satisfaction.

In simple words, the Quality of a product is not a one time value. The firm has to continuously do the improvement in the product. It’s benefit is that customer willn’t shift to another product.

Elements of Total Quality Management (TQM)

Elements of Total Quality Management

In TQM, Firm has to keep an eye on various aspects-

  • Intense Focus on Customers- both Internal and External.
  • Continuous Improvement should be there.
  • Improvement in every dimension- not only in the final product but also in products, services, the complaint received from the customers.

Importance of Total Quality Management (TQM)

Importance of TQM
  • Retain the Customers.
  • Make customers your Brand Conscious.
  • Outpace the competitors.
  • Satisfy the Customers.
  • Increase the market share.
  • Increase the profit.

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Total Quality Management PDF
Total Quality Management PPT

Total Quality Management Approaches

There are two popular approaches to TQM that are DMAIC and DMADV.

TQM Approach

DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve Control Method) Approach-

  • (D) The Project and Process to be analyzed are defined.
  • (M) After this, the performance of the process is measured.
  • (A) Then, the data is analyzed and boat length the difficulties also.
  • (I) After Analysis, Improvement programme is defined and defects are removed.
  • (C) Now, the Development Programme is controlled by the management group.

DMADV (Design Measure Analyze Define Verify Method) Approach-

  • (D) Define Strategies and process which improve 100% Customer Satisfaction.
  • (M) Measure and Identify the parameters that are important for quality.
  • (A) Analyze and Develop Higher Level Alternatives to assure super quality.
  • (D) Define Details and Process.
  • (V) Verify Various Process and Implement the same.

Benefits of Total Quality Management

Benefits of Total Quality Management
  • Improvement in Quality.
  • Increase in Quantity and Sales.
  • Increase in Productivity.
  • Reduction in Finance
  • Better Design and Development of Product.
  • Overall Improvement in Work Environment.
  • Increase in Profits.

Six Sigma – TQM Technique

Six Sigma- TQM Technique

This technique is the latest form of Total Quality Management. Six Sigma means the faultless quality right across the company.

              σ- Standard Deviation

Mathematically to achieve one S.D, you must be 30% efficient in the process. But this increases dramatically when it moves from 1σ to 6σ. It’s because 6σ is 99.99% efficient in the process.

1σ- 30%

6σ- 99.99%

6σ was born when Motorola published its Six Sigma Quality Programme in 1987. It was developed by Michael J. Herry.

The 6σ based on Standard Deviation. S.D. indicates the variations of how tightly all the variables are clustered around the mean.

6σ means there is 3.4 defect per million events.

Six Sigma(6σ) in India

Six Sigma Award has given to the Mumbai’s Super-efficient Dabbawala by Forbes Magazine. About 5,000 employees work daily in finally tune system to deliver 1,75,000 tiffins.

It is reported that only one mistake occurs in 6 million delivery as compared to limit of 20 in 6 million. One mistake was of Customer but they accept it as their own mistake.

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