What is Public Speaking and How To Overcome It’s Fear?

Public Speaking Fear

Let’s Go Back to the Past. If I talk about Myself, I have a Great Fear of Public Speaking .

When I got Admission in BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration), I haven’t any Specific Goal in My life or Any Specific Purpose to Do that Course.

In My First lecture, When our Teachers told about Syllabi that You will have to give Speeches or Public Speaking, PPt’s along with your Daily Classes.

I became Tensed and A Public Speaking Fear came into my mind which is also known as Glossophobia. I was Coming Back from my Department and I was going to the Hostel with my Friend.

Even I had made a Thought in My Mind to Leave the Dept. and Migrate to My Hometown . But Suddenly What Happened, My Friend’s Cousin meet us in the way.

I really don’t like his Cousin because of laughing every time. My Friend told Our Whole Problem to him.

He never gives any Good Advice. But What He said that Day was totally changed my Life. He told me that If You have problem about these things, then Why you are paying Extra Fees.

You can also get Admission in your Local City College. If You’ll run away from any fear, you’ll never be able to achieve the Great Things in your Life. Try to face them and thinks in your Mind that about cross one’s bridges when one comes to them.

After that Day, I stopped worrying and face that Fear and I gave My First Speech in my Class.

I have Prepared for my Speech and You know My First Public Speaking was so good that My Communication Teacher became so much impressed by my Public Speaking Skills.

You All are Thinking that How I overcame my Public Speaking Fear.

So, Let’s Get Started.

Firstly Let’s Discuss What is Public Speaking

What is Public Speaking??

In simple words, Public Speaking means to Speak in front of the Public about any Topic. An Orator is the One who gives Good Speeches.

You Know what is reason behind their Good Speech because He/She have Good Public Speaking Skills which is very much Required in giving speeches.

“Public Speaking is the Biggest Fear even than the Death”

This Quote said by a very Famous Author Glenn Crosten

But Now You will be thinking How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking.

How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking??

 1. Take a Deep Breath-  If You feel nervous before Going on the Dias, Take two-three Deep Breath. It will Relax your Heart Beats which was continuously beating Because of your Public Speaking Fear.

 2.   Move Your Hands Freely- The main reason for Trembling of Your Hands or Legs is that You give Speech by Sitting Straight. It decreases our Confidence.

But If We move our hands freely or walk left-right on Dais, Your trembling will go forever. An Inner Confidence automatically will come in you.

   3. Come 10-15 min before Speech- Try to come 10-15 min before your Speech so that You can check the Mic Sound and all which will make you feel relaxed rather than the nervousness you feel when you reach on time.

4.   Do Practice in Mirror- Seeing Yourself in Mirror is like Speaking in front of 1000 peoples who are actually transparent. If You practice in Mirror, You will actually see Your mistakes and can Improve them easily.

5.  Try to Ask Questions- An Effective Public Speaking will be that speech where there is Good Interaction between the Both Sides- the Audience and the Speaker.

So, Asking Questions from the Audience will give you Confidence because You are actually Engaging with your Audience and you came to know others are Understanding Your Interest.

6.   Visualize Yourself- – When You Prepare for your Speech, Visualize yourself that You are giving a Great Speech, Everyone around you is Appraising you and many more.

7.   Be Yourself- As Bill Gates said,

“Don’t Compare Yourself with others, If you’re doing this, It means You’re Insulting Yourself.”

Not in case of only Public Speaking,

In Any work, Don’t Compare Yourself. If You are different from others, It doesn’t mean You are wrong.

Just Think You are You. Nobody can be like You.

8.   Don’t Memorize- Speaking On Dias isn’t like writing in an Exam. Here, You will have to say some of your Own Words and come also with the New Example

So, Try to less memorize. Just Understand the Concept and Points in your Mind and Explain it.

9.   Use Simple Language- – Don’t Ever Use Any Technical Jaguars while giving Speech. Try to use the Words which can be easily understood to everyone. So, You should use Simple Language as you can use.

10.  Ready with Extra Points – When You go to the Dias, you should know about your Topic and also some extra points in your Mind because you willn’t remember all the words at that time of your Speech. So, always be available with some Extra words.

So, these are the ways in which You can Overcome Your Public Speaking Fear.

How to give an Effective Speech??

There are Basically Two ways to give an Effective Public Speaking Speech-

  1. Planning and Preparation of Speech
  2. Delivering the Speech
  1. Planning and Preparation of Speech-  Basically, It is also divided into 5 steps-
  • Decide the Purpose of the Speech- Firstly, There should be one thing in our mind that for What purpose We are giving the Speech either for Informative or Persuasive which will increase the Public Speaking Importance.

  • Analyzing the Audience- After Defining the Purpose, You have to analyze the Interests of the Audience, their Language and all.

  • Search the Relevant Material- After knowing what your Audience wants from you, then Search the material for your speech.

You can search the material either from the Internet or any Books, Latest Magazines etc

  • Organizing Your Speech- Organize the thoughts which are the Main Matter like Include Examples, Write Story, Show the Data by showing Pie-Charts, Graphs etc which will make your Public Speaking Speech Effectively.

  • Reviewing Your Speech- After Completing all these steps, Review your Speech so that there shouldn’t be any grammar mistakes etc.

2. Delivering the Speech- This Step explains how You should deliver your Speech. It is also divided into three Steps-

Delivering of Speech
  • Opening of Speech- We can open the Speech by Saying a Story, Asking Questions, Write any Quotes or tell the  Shocking Facts which will Make everyone Attractive to you.

  • Actual Delivery- In this, You have to put your all creativity and efforts by which All can be engaged and can Understand easily and also emotionally Connected.

You also have to stress on Important words so that It shouldn’t look like a Monotone Speech and also maintain an Eye Contact with all the audience.

  • Closing of Speech- In the Closing of Your Speech, You can Increase your Importance of Public Speaking by using two or three tricks like summarize the points of your Speech, Ask Questions, saying Thank You in the end like Thank you for Being Patient and all.

If You follow all these steps, I assure that You will give an Effective Public Speaking Speech.

In the End I would like to Advise you all that In Your Life, You will See So many fears rather than Public Speaking. But If You’ll run away from the Problem, You can give Excuses to the other peoples. But You can’t satisfy yourself from your Heart unless you Conquered that Fear.

So, Instead of Running away from your Problems, Try to face them and thinks in your Mind that About cross one’s bridges when one comes to them.  

Be Glad Instead of Worrying!!

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