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Subjects in BCOM 2nd Sem Notes

Let’s know the subjects you will get – 

BCOM 2nd semester notes

Finance is a very important factor in every business. In this subject, you will learn how to prepare journals, make trial balance, Trading Account, P&L Account, Balance Sheet, different methods of depreciation, Bank Reconciliation Statement and the count goes on.  

bcom 2nd semester notes pdf

Macro Economics is branch of economics that deals with economy as a whole. In this subject, you will learn about the nominal rigidities and economic fluctuations, the macroeconomic policy, investment approaches and more.

bcom 2nd sem notes pdf

Marketing Management is the process of planning and implementation the pricing, promotion of goods and services to achieve individual and organizational goals. The main aim of this subject is to make your foundation strong in marketing by understanding the concepts of STP, buyer decision process, new product development, pricing decision, strategies, advertising, sales promotion and a few more. 

E-Commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods and services on the internet. The main aim of this subject is to have a conceptual understanding of e-commerce, its evolution, networking infrastructure, e-commerce infrastructure, process models, electronic data interchange, website design issues and a lot more.

Business Environment refers to the mix of all internal and external factors that affect the function of a company directly and indirectly. The main aim of this subject is to have a conceptual understanding of the business environment, its various aspects, WTO-its functions, structure, LPG, Economic Reforms, Issues, Priorities of the Indian Economy and the count goes on.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q- Can I expect more grades from these notes?

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Q- What If my semester subjects don’t match with your subjects list?

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