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So, before getting our business communication notes, firstly you should know what you will get- 

Topics Covered in Business Communication Notes

Unit-I : Communication : Meaning, Objectives and Importance; Communication Process, Barriers in Communication ;Essentials of Effective Communication; Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication; Effective Listening; formal & Informal Communication; Ethical Issues in Communication.

Unit-II : Business Messages: Memo Writing, Proposal Writing, Office Orders, Office Circulars; Report Writing: Types and Formats; Persuasive Message Writing.

Unit-III : Public Speaking: Strategies for Oral Presentations, Informative and Persuasive Speaking; Interpersonal Communication: Dyadic, Interviewing, Telephonic Conversation, Dictating.

Unit-IV : Communication Outside the Organization: Agenda, Quotations, Tenders, Business Letters, Complaints and Follow-up Letters; Business & Group Meetings: Purpose, Types and Responsibility in Business Meetings.

Unit-V : Job Application Process: Written Job Presentation , Interview and Follow-Up, Use of Visual Aids in Business Communication

Overview of Business Communication PDF Notes

Glad Tutor gives you the quality and updated business communication notes for all students. Whether you are a management student or any other background student, communication plays an important role for everyone- especially the business communication. 

We all have thought at least once in our life that whatever we are studying or have studied in the past will be used in future?

Some subjects may be useful or some are not. But Business Communication is a subject which will definitely help in your corporate job or your startup and every new thing. Even if you are a techy person, it doesn’t matter. Every person should be able to communicate or explain their thoughts to the other person. To excel in it, good communication is super duper required. 

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business communication skills pdf notes

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Business Communication Notes

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Business Communication Notes PDF

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q- How will I get access to the notes?

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Q- Is it enough to read from your notes?

Ans- Surely if you read from our notes, you will have no need to read from any other notes. Also, you will have complete knowledge of the business communication from communication – meaning, objectives, process, barriers, business messages, public speaking, letter writing to the job application process, presentation and use of visual aids. 

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