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Business Law is the body of law that controls commerce and business. It is also known as the branch of civil law which deals with both issues of private and public law. 

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Topics Covered in Business Law Notes

Unit-1: Law of Contract – Introduction, Definition, Classification of Contract – From the point of view of enforceability, point of view of creation, point of view of form, Essential Elements of a Valid Contract 

Unit-2: Void Agreements – Introduction, Agreement made by incompetent parties, Agreement made under a mutual mistake of fact, Agreement of the object which is unlawful, Agreement for which consideration is unlawful in parts, Agreement made without consideration, Agreement in restraint of marriage, Agreement in restraint of trade, Agreement in restraint of legal preceding, Uncertain Agreements, Wagering Agreements, Agreements contingent on Impossible Events, Agreements to do Impossible Acts.

Unit-3: Performance of Contracts – Introduction, Offer of Performance or Tender, Essentials of a Valid Tender, Contracts which Need not be Performed, By Whom Contracts Must Be Performed, Who can Demand Performance? Time and Place of Performance, Time as The Essence of The Contract, Devolution of Joint Rights and Liabilities, Order of Performance of Reciprocal Promises, Appropriation of Payments

Unit-4: Breach of Contract – Remedies for Breach – Recession of Contract, Restitution, Specific Performance, Injuction, Suit for Damages, Suit upon Quantum Merit, Quasi Contracts – Meaning, Cases deemed as Quasi-Contract, Quantum Merit

Unit-5: Contract of Sale of Goods – Introduction, Contract of Sale, Essentials, Difference between Sale and Agreement to Sell, Sale distinguished from other transactions, Remedial Measures- Introduction, Rights of an unpaid seller, Buyer’s rights against the seller, Auction Sale

Unit-6: Negotiable Instrument – Introduction, Meaning, Characteristics, Presumptions, Types, Parties to Negotiable Instruments, Nature and Type of Company – Introduction, Meaning, Characteristics, Lifting of the Corporate Veil, Types of Companies, Difference between Public and Private Company, Privileges of a Private Company, Conversion of Private Company into Public Company, Conversion of Public Company into Private Company

Unit-7: Formation of A Company – Introduction, Promotion, Incorporation, Capital Subscription, Commencement of Business, Prospectus – Introduction, Promotion, Incorporation, Capital Subscription, Commencement of Business

Unit-8: Share and Share Capital- Introduction, Meaning of Share, Stock vs Share, Types of Shares, Allocation and Allotment of Shares, Calls on Shares, Share Certificates and Share Warrants, Transfer of Shares, Transmission of Shares, Surrenders of Shares, Forfeiture of Shares, Share Capital, Further Issue of Capital, Voting Rights

Unit-9: Borrowing Power of Management and Meeting – Introduction, Characteristics, Restriction on borrowing power of the company, Ultra vires borrowing, Methods of borrowing, Definition of Meeting, Characteristics of a company meeting, One man meeting, Significance of meeting, Kinds of Meeting

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Business Law is a very important subject for every commerce students. Whether you do a job or run your own business, you should know the importance of business law – contracts, agreements, the performance of contracts.

If somehow, someone breaches the contract then what are the remedies for the same, what is the contract of sale of goods, what are negotiable instruments, how to start a company, what is share, share capital, how to allot and allocate the shares, what are the borrowing powers of a company, what are the methods a company can borrow money and a lot more doubts I will solve in my business law notes.

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