Career Planning and Development in HRM-Importance, Process, Stages

For some people, Life is a Race and for some people, Life is to do what you love to do. But wait a bit, Have you ever thought Why people are so much worried about the future? The answers to this question can be many from your and mine sides. But one of the Most Important answers to this question is the Better Career Planning and Development. It’s because it is very much important for every Person especially in India where every parent wants the secured job for their children. So, today We will know how Career Planning and Development plays an important role in HRM.

So, Before knowing about the Career Planning and Development, firstly we should know what the Career actually means??

Career is the sequence of position held by a person during the course of a lifetime. It comprises of a series of work-related activities that provide continuity and meaning of a person’s life. So, I hope You have understood the Meaning of Career.

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What is Career Planning and Development?

Career Planning and Development is the process by which one selects career goals that gives the actual roadmap to goals and the personal actions to achieve that career plan. The main focus of this is to assist the employees to have a better match between the personal goals and the opportunities available in the organization.

Importance of Career Planning and Development

Importance of Career Planning and Development

  • Attract and Retain Talent- Career Planning and Development helps to attract and retain talent of the employees by offering them the careers not jobs. The HR Managers helps Employees by giving them the complete roadmap to take their Career to the next level by giving their best. In this case, both company and employee fulfil their benefits.

  • Achieve Better Productivity- Another reason why Career Planning and Development is important is because it helps you in doing things in which you are good at. If You do the work in which you don’t have interest then you can’t give your best. But If You do things in which you are good at, your productivity will automatically get increased.

  • Reduce Employee Turnover- In an Average Size Organization, HR Manager knows about mostly all the Employees Strength, Weakness. That’s why, HR Manager helps them in shaping their career in that field in which they can give their Best. Due to this, employees turnover will automatically get reduced.

  • Improve Employee Morale and Motivation- When the Employees do the work in which they are good at, then it will automatically improve their Morale and Motivation. Their Boredom to the work will be converted into the interest and creativity to grow their career more effective.

  • Meet the Immediate and Future Needs of the Organization- Just Shaping the Career of the Employee is not only the Company Objective. But it should also meet the Immediate and Future Needs of the Organization on the timely basis. The one who loves to do their work can be retained for a longer time than the other employees. That will meet the Company Present as well the Future needs.

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Process of Career Planning and Development in HRM

To better develop your career, there are no. of steps or stages to follow. These steps are used by HR Managers to give a clear direction to the employees so as to choose the better Career opportunities and action plan to achieve that.

So, Let’s start with the Step No. 1

  • Identifying Individual Needs and aspirations-Firstly you have to ask yourself what are your individual needs, what you want from yourself. What are your Strength and Weakness? If there is any strength in you? If Yes, how much I am ambitious enough to achieve that goal.

  • Analyze the Career Opportunities- After identifying your needs and aspirations, you have to find out Is there any career opportunity available in the market for that skill or not? If i nurture my skills, can I go for a better future growth or not.

  • Aligning the needs and Opportunities- After this, you have to align or match your Individual needs with the opportunities available in the market. If it aligns good, then you are just one step away from making the Good Career Plan for your future.

  • Career Development Plan- Now You have chosen your goals. It’s time to make a Career Development Plan for yourselves to better achieve that goal. It is like a complete roadmap comprising of all the steps in your journey.

  • Implement the Plan and Looking for Continuous Growth- Just making the plan is not enough, you have to follow the steps to convert your dream goals into reality. And also to do the periodic review from time to time to check whether everything is working according to plan or not. If there are any deviations, improve that and continue your work on.

Initiatives in Career Planning and Development

All the Initiatives to develop your Career can not be always taken by the HR Manager or organization. Some Initiatives are also required from your side to give the complete dedication and self assessment to achieve your goals.

So, there are some Individual and Organizational Career Planning and Career Development Initiatives in HRM which we will discuss now-

Individual Initiatives

Initiatives in Career Planning and Development
  • Performance– This is the foremost initiative which an individual has to show by themselves. It can’t be done by forcing others. If You do the work which you like to do then you can give your best in your performance otherwise it can be a difficult one.

  • Exposure- Exposure is the another one Initiative for Career Planning and Development in HRM. It doesn’t matter how much you are doing the hard work. But without the proper exposure of the market, you can’t give yourself the proper direction to achieve your goals. It doesn’t mean the hard work alone can’t do anything. But with the Compilation of both your Hard Work and Exposure can accelerate your journey more faster to achieve the goals.

  • Networking- The another initiative which is also important for developing your career is the networking with the same people in your niche. Networking can give you the advantages of knowing some extra trips and tricks from the successful people in their niche. It’s because they are the ones who have personally experienced the journey in which you are getting into it.

  • Loyalty to Career- Loyalty is also a big factor. Your loyalty to career defines your dedication that how ready you are to sacrifice for your goals. It doesn’t matter whatever everyone says about you, what matters is what you think about yourselves. If You think you are not made for the work which you are doing right now. Then, you can’t be loyal to your career.

  • Mentor and Sponsor- This is the initiative you can opt for if you want any mentor and the sponsor to give you career direction. Whenever we choose any career, we enter there by inspiring from others. If We select anyone as the mentor and go according to their directions. Then, the journey to achieve your goals can be very much easy.

  • Expand Ability- When You decide to achieve something big, you also have to expand your ability. You have to think out of your box.

Organizational Initiatives

Process of Career Planning and Development in HRM
  • Self-Assessment Initiative- Self Assessment is conducted by the HR Team in the organization. This initiative refers to know the strengths and weaknesses of the employees to know them better.

  • Individual Counselling– Individual Counselling is a method of helping those people who have any personal, workplace problems which is stopping them to give their best on the work.

  • Employee Assessment Program- This program provides the employees the Professional Support to help them with any concern or problem. In this, the HR Team looks for both personal and workplace problems. You know the fact that the personal problems can drastically affect the workplace performance.

  • Employee Development- Employee Development comprises of giving the training and development to the Employees to become more expertise in their career. This is helpful for both organization and employee. Employee is getting free training and development to achieve their career goals. Along With that, Organization is getting a well-developed employee nurtured and prepared by themselves.

Career Planning and Development Notes

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So, this is about the Career Planning and Development in HRM. I hope You like this blogpost.

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