Why Communication Is Important In Business??

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Why Communication is Important in Business??

Before knowing Why Communication is important in Business, I believe that we should start from Scratch.

So, what is Communication??

Communication comes from the word ‘Communicare’ which means to make something common. Ideas, feelings, information are common in communication.  

Communication really means to communicate your information to the other person through some medium for some purpose that should be understood by both the parties.

In the context of Business, communication means to communicate your information to the customers/ client so that he/she can be easily impressed with you to purchase your products and services through some medium.

Types of Communication

Basically, there are three types of communication used in Business..

    • Verbal Communication
    • Formal Communication
    • Informal Communication

Verbal Communication- It is a type of communication which includes how we speak, what language we used, the signs, symbols they use. It is of two types- Written and Oral.

    • Written includes letters, notices, reports etc.
    • Oral includes Personal Interview, Group Communication, Telephonic Interview etc.

Formal Communication- It is a type of communication in the business like-

    • Meetings
    • Conferences
    • GD
    • Committee

Informal Communication- It is a type of communication not used in Businesslike-

    • Talking with friends
    • Talking with relatives/ family.
    • Talking with the neighbourhood etc.

Communication in Business

Every firm demand/hires those managers/ salesman who has good communication. But people don’t understand Why Communication is Important in Business

So, there are a few points which will explain Why Communication is Important in Business which will help you a lot.

Why Communication is Important in business??

  • To better explain the product to the customers- In the company, if you have good communication skills, then you can easily explain the product to the customers which will help them to understand and compare your products.
  • To make a good trustworthy relationship with the customers- If you can better convince the customers, then they can easily make the trustworthy relationship to come again and again to your company to purchase your products and services.
  • To increase in the sales of the company- It is obvious that if you make good relation with the customers, then you will have no need to tell them to do publicity of your product, they will themselves refer your product to their friends, family which will definitely increase the sales of the company.
  • To increase the reputation of the company- If the employees of the firm have good communication skills, that will also increase their reputation towards the other company while attending some meetings, conferences which also requires your Etiquette’s.
  • To show good impression in the minds of the clients- If the employees talk good to the customers and listen to their doubts/ problems and solve them, then they show a very good impression in the minds of their customers/ clients.

and This is all about why Communication is so much Important in the Business. I believe you have learned a lot from this.

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