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Topics Covered in Corporate Law Notes

Unit-1: The Companies Act 2013: Important Terms, Title of the Chapters and Major Provisions, Difference between The Companies Act 1956 and The Companies Act 2013, Meaning, Features, Types of Companies.

Unit-2: Formation and Incorporation of Company: Promotion of Company and Role of Promoters, Registration Formalities, Commencement of Business, Provisions regarding companies incorporated outside India, Memorandum of Association: Clauses and its Alteration, Articles of Association: Contents and its Alteration.

Unit-3: Prospectus- Main Contents of a Prospectus, Types- Deemed Prospectus, Red-Herring Prospectus etc. Mis-statement and Liability for Mis-statement. Shares and Share Capital, Provisions regarding Issue, Transfer and Transmission of Securities, Members and Shareholders.

Unit-4: Appointment, Qualifications, Duties, Resignation and Removal of Directors, Prevention of Oppression and Mis-management, Meetings of the Board of Directors and its Powers, Managerial Remuneration, Role of Independent Directors, CEO and Company Secretary. 

Unit-5: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Governance, Revival and Rehabilitation of Sick Companies, Provisions regarding Winding-up of a Company. 

So, above are all the topics that you will get in our corporate law notes. So, get our complete pdf-notes for BCom 2nd year, BBA, MBA and CS Executive Students also from the button below-

Introduction to Corporate Law Notes

Corporate Law is a very important subject for all commerce students. Don’t study this subject just for the sake of getting good marks. But study this subject to make your foundation strong in the corporate culture. No matter whether you will be doing a job or your own business in future.

You should know corporate law in both cases. As an employee, You should know in which company you should work for your future stability whether private or public. You should know who appoints the board of directors, CEO and company secretary, what is the managerial remuneration rate, what are the company future plans and what are the provisions of its while winding up.

Same in the case of starting your own company. As an Entrepreneur or Founder/CEO, you should know how to incorporate your company, whether you have a need of promoter to start your company or not, what is a memorandum of association, article of association, prospectus, what is share capital and a lot of other questions also which you should know and don’t worry, I have added all the required questions and its solutions in our notes. 

Even you are a BBA, BCOM, MBA or CS Executive student, our Corporate Law PDF Notes are suitable for everyone. 

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Corporate Law Notes

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Corporate Law Notes PDF

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Practical Exposure

Corporate Law Notes for BCOM PDF

Corporate Law is a very important subject to make a good foundation in your corporate life. Also, our notes will not just get you good marks. But you will also get so much practical exposure about companies- their acts, types, incorporation and lot more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- I am a CS Executive Student. Can I learn from your Notes?

Ans- Yeah, for sure. Our Corporate Law Notes are ideal for all commerce students whether you are in CS or pursuing BCOM, BBA or MBA also.

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Ans- You can buy our corporate law notes from the button below.

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