Fundamentals of Sociology Notes for B.COM, BBA and Civil Service Aspirants

Fundamentals of Sociology Notes

Looking for fundamentals of sociology notes? Then, you have reached the right destination. 

Whether you are a civil service aspirant, BBA, B.COM or any other stream Student, we have the subject material for you. Our Fundamentals of Sociology Notes are designed according to the popular management schools and universities. 

So, the notes which you will get from us are always updated from time to time. Before getting the fundamentals of sociology notes, firstly lets know the topics you will get- 

Topics Covered in Fundamentals of Sociology Notes

Unit-I : Introduction: Nature and Scope of Sociology; Methods of Sociology; Fundamental Concepts of Sociology; the Relationship between Man and Society.

Unit-II : Social Structure: Meaning, Elements and Types; Social Institutions and Their Functions; Social Process: Co-operation, Conflict, Competition and Assimilation.

Unit-III : Socialization and Social Action: Meaning of Socialization; Socialization as a Process of Learning; Stages and Agencies of Socialization. Social Action: Elements, Rationality of Means; Economic, Political and Religious Integration of Ends.

Unit-IV : Social Change and Institution: Meaning, Types and Factors in Social Change; Social Problems: Meaning, Causes and Remedies. Social Institution: Family, Religion and Marriage; Social Stratification in India.

Unit-V : An Overview of Different Branches of Sociology. Basic Concepts of Industrial Sociology: Attitude Formation and Change. Morale Audit; Values and Norms; Power and Politics; Bureaucracy.

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Overview of Fundamentals of Sociology Notes

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Fundamentals of Sociology Notes for BBA, BCOM 1st Sem

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