How to Stay Focused on Studies without getting distracted- 10 Study Tips

Do You have an Idea How much time you got distracted when you are studying?? a study report, In an average of 2 hours, peoples stay focused on their study for just 45 minutes. So, How to stay focused on studies??

What do you think are You using your time wisely??

You are paying 2 hours for a work of 30 minutes.

Time is like money.

Do You know A Person can earn ₹86,400 per day??

But How much we are earning through it?? Not even ₹1,000.

In every hour, We are losing ₹3,600.

So, If You stay focused on your studies for a few hours without distractions, then you can do wonders.

I give you a daily life example.


You wake up in the morning.

Finish up your morning chores.

Meditate or Exercise.

Done Breakfast at 10:00 AM.

How to avoid distractions

Open Your Notebook or Laptop at 10:30 AM.

Go through your Notes.

Started Studying…

Your Phone vibrates at 10:40 AM.

A ‘Hi’ notification on Whatsapp from your Friend.

You replied to them. Conversations long for 20 minutes.

It was now 11:00 AM.

Then You remind about the study. You tried to off your phone.

But You started seeing your Friend’s Story. Either on Instagram and Whatsapp Status which again take your 15 minutes.

Now it was 11:15 AM

Now You again started studying up to 11:30 AM and take a break for water or some other purposes.

So, In Just 1 Hour (10:30 AM to 11:30 AM) You just study for 25 minutes. This is not even half of the given time.

So, You might be thinking Is there any way to concentrate without being distracted??

You might have so many questions in your mind like

How to Stay focused on studies for long hours ??

How to Stay focused and not using your phone??

And the count goes on…

I have divided the queries into broadly two parts-

  1. How to Stay Focused on Studies without distractions??
  2. How to Stay Focused on your goals and be inspired always??

1. How to Stay Focused on Studies without distractions??

How to avoid distractions and stay focused for long hours
  • Plan before one night- Whatever the purpose of your study, it doesn’t matter.

Wherever you have to study either at home, hostel or library. If You don’t decide what to study tomorrow

Then, you will be going to waste so much of your time due to this decision. You will be in confusion about where to start. So, You should plan before one night about what to study tomorrow.

This will help you to plan better rather than thinking at the study time when you are in stress. You will also feel more motivated and clear mind the next day.

  • Use Do Not Disturb or Turn Off the Notifications-
How to Concentrate on studies without being distracted??

You will never know when you will be distracted from A Whatsapp or any other notification

But How to Overcome this problem??

There are two solutions- either you turn off the notifications or use Do Not Disturb.

If You can’t avoid calls, then You can turn off the notifications of all your apps.

And If You have not any problem with avoiding calls, then you can put your phone on Do Not Disturb. That’s it. This will help you to stay focused on your studies for long hours.

  • Have some Instrumental/ Soft Music-
How Music helps you to focus on studies??

Turning off your Phone is not enough. That will just avoid your distractions from the Internet World.

But How to rescue yourself from the Real World?? Your mind can attract 50 unuseful things while studying. So, What we can do?

The solution is Soft Music. But Don’t listen to the High Bass songs.

That can even ruin your focus. Try to Listen to Soft Music or Instrumental Music in your phone or laptop.

What Music will do, this will take your attention from 50 unuseful things to Your Study and Music. This is what you want.

  • Put some Healthy Eatables with Yourself-
How Eatables helps you to focus on studies??

One thing which I have experienced while studying that People’s yawns a lot especially in Exams time.

I had also this problem. What I observed that If You take fruits with you especially Orange which regain your energy very quickly.

But Don’t peel it in the library which can create a problem for you. If It is not possible for you to take fruits, then you can take Water Bottle with you. That’s fine.

If You study in home, then Coffee is also a good option to concentrate for long hours.

These things will help you to better concentrate on your studies. But Don’t Overdo this like a Hungry Man.

  • Put your thoughts on Paper-
Put your thoughts on paper while studying

While studying, so many ideas came in your mind which you have to do later.

But When we have need of that, we forget those things. This can waste your plenty of time to know what was that idea?

But If You’ve written these ideas on paper, You don’t have the need to waste your time. This will help you to avoid distractions and stay focused.

  • Have a Good Sleep- Uncomplete Sleep sometimes change your mood of study. So, Try to take proper sleep of at least 7-8 hours.

I am not advising you to just do study all the time. But try to prioritize your time. Surfing the articles/post on Social Media/Blogs is also important. But Don’t Forget to give yourself a satisfying sleep.

So, these are the tips which I used for How to stay focused on Studies. I hope you’ve liked this. If You want to add-on your own points, feel free to write in the comments section.

So, Let’s jump to our Second Part.

2. How to Stay Focused on your goals and be inspired always??

Setting Goals is easy. But When the time comes to Focus or patient for the results, most of the people fail.

But Why Some people win the battle or others not??

What’s different in them??

So, Let’s know How you can also Stay Focused on your goals and be inspired always all the time.

  • Think about your Individuality when You’re alone-
How to Stay Focused on your goals??

Focus on your goals is not bad. But to show everyone how much serious you are is bad.

If You always show your Individuality with everyone, then No one will like you. What you need, You have to focus on your Individuality when you’re alone.

You should deeply focus on your goals and Try to ask for a more specific solution. Specific Goals will give you a clear direction in your life about Why you are doing this??

What quality You will get from this?? How Much Time it will take?? This will make your life so easy for you.

  • Try to be Inspired not Motivated-
Try to Inspired not Motivated

I have seen so many peoples who watch videos for motivational purposes. But What I recommend, Change your perspective from Motivated to Inspired.

Motivation is a temporary feeling. You see any video, gets motivated for 1-2 hours. But after that, everything back to same.

Try to start seeing the videos for Inspiration perspective, I assure you that your life will change.

An inspired person also faces some problems. But They never give up and always give their Best. They don’t need any temporary motivation to focus on their goals.

But Motivation requires for those peoples who feel their work boring. Those people want some temporary motivation to do that work.

For Example- Everyone knows Sachin Tendulkar. Now He has taken retirement. But What do you think He was inspired or Motivated in Cricket ?? Did He need any motivation to play??

Absolutely not. He was so much inspired. He has also seen so many flaws in their life, but He never gave up. So, Try to be as much Inspired as you can.

  • Find Out the Biggest Problem in your Life-
Find out your Biggest Problem

Every person has problems in their life. But Why some people solve their problems or others not??

The Best thing is You can also solve your problems too. You have to need to prioritize your problems. Find Out the Biggest Real Problem in your life. Come with a solution, Ask Yourself Is It OK??

Then, come to the other problem and solve it. The solution is always in the problems. What you will see after a time that You can easily solve your problems. This will help you to focus on your goals and studies.

  • Direction Your Curiosity in the right manner- People have so much curiosity to do those things which haven’t any relation with their goals.

But Are those curiosities has no use??

The Curiosity is good but it’s direction not. What you should do, you have to give the direction your curiosity to the right place so to get good output.

Generate your Curiosity in the field of your Goals which will also benefit you in future.

  • Think about real problems than the Imaginary Problems- Do a Person has less real problems??

Then Why People thinks about Imaginary Problems??

Is it worth for you??

Real problems are those which have a direct relation with your life goals.

Imaginary Problems are those which are immaterial or uneconomical to think…

People think about Next Life. For Example- If You do this thing, you will become a Creature in the next life.

People think like this.

Try to solve real problems first which can impact your life.

There is so much time ahead to think about these imaginary problems.

But try to solve real problems first. When You will have no real problems, then you can think of other imaginary problems too.

  • Stress off your frustration- Everyone can bear the stress in a limit. You can’t always depend on the solutions from the others.

If You have any problem, go and Take action!!

But What generally people do??

Peoples have problems. But they think that If others are not reacting, then why I should??

Is this the Correct way to solve your problems??

No, This attitude can put you in the hassle.

If You don’t take action, Nothing is gonna happened. So,Take action in your life rather than to wait for others to come.

Try to be in Lead. It is not bad to be in the First.

So, These are my points which I use to stay focused on my goals and inspired always.

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I believe these points will help you to stay focused on your studies and your goals.

I Know that You have understood all the points. But the Question is for How much time You will remember this??

We all humans want to learn now But want to execute later. But when the time comes, we forget..

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