Macro Economics Notes PDF for BCOM, BBA and MBA

Macro Economics Notes PDF for BBA, BCOM and MBA Students

Searching for Macro Economics notes? You have landed the right place. Glad Tutor provides the quality Macro Economics notes for BBA, BCOM and MBA students also. 

Our management notes are designed as per the popular business management colleges and universities. Before getting the notes, firstly let’s know the topics you will get in the notes-

Topics Covered in Macro Economics Notes

Unit-1: Money and Prices – Definition, History, Demand of Money, Money in Dynamic General Equilibrium, The Optimum Quantity of Money, Seigniorage, Hyperinflation and Cost of Inflation.

Unit-2: Nominal Rigidities and Economic Fluctuations – Old Keynesian Economics, Disequilibrium Economics, Imperfect Information Models, New Keynesian Models, Imperfect Competition and New Keynesian Economics, Evidence and New Direction.

Unit-3: Macroeconomic Policy – Rules vs Discretion, The Modern Case for Rules, The Lucas Critique, Monetarist Arithmetic: Link between Monetary and Fiscal Policy.

Unit-4: Investment – The Classical Approach, Adjustment Costs and Investment: q theory, Credit Rationing, Investment and Financial Markets, Banking Issues: Bank Runs, Deposit Insurance and Moral Hazard, Investment under Uncertainty and Irreversible Investment.

Unit-5: Unemployment and Coordination Failure – Efficiency wages, or why the real wage is too high – Slow Model, The Shapiro-Stiglitz shirking Model, other models of wage rigidity, Search – setup, steady-state equilibrium, coordination failure and aggregate demand externalities- Model setup, Assumptions, Definitions, Propositions.

Introduction to Macro Economics Notes

Get the full-fledged notes of macro economics from Glad Tutor. Whether you are in the 12th standard, studying BBA, BCOM or MBA, our macro economics notes are designed for everyone. 

Along with our Macro Economics pdf notes, we also provide you with the old question papers and the important question answers list. 

The price of the notes is Rs.499 and the price of question papers and the list of important questions is Rs.199. Stop if you are closing the tab. 

Just wanted to ask two questions- Rs.700 will be worth it if you would be able to learn all the concepts of macroeconomics from our notes?

Do you feel that getting the foundation right is more important than just cramming?

If your answer is Yes, then I am offering the Macro Economics notes + Previous Year Question Papers + List of Important Questions at just Rs.349 (50% off).

Why buy Macro Economics Notes from Glad Tutor?


Macro Economics Notes for BCOM

From Glad Tutor, you get the flexibility to learn from our Notes anytime and anywhere. Here you don’t have to attend any live class. You can read from our notes when you feel yourself free. 


Another important thing about our Macro Economics Lecture Notes is affordability. Glad Tutor is providing the quality and updated notes that anyone can afford. We are on a mission to give quality education to everyone no matter whats the economic background is.

Easy English Language

Macro Economics Notes PDF

Our Macro Economics Notes is written in a very easy English language. You don’t need to put a dictionary near you while reading our notes. It’s easily understandable to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, what we think is everyone money is hard-earned whether it is Rs.349 or Rs.34,900.

Everyone has a right to info before buying something. That’s why I have collected all the frequently asked questions people asks on the internet. 

Q- How will I get access to your Macro Economics Notes?

Ans- After you did the payment, you will get the automatic email of our lecture pdf notes. 

Q- What if I didn’t get the Notes?

Ans- There is no chance that you will miss the notes because our all notes are listed on Instamojo which is one of the most rated e-commerce platforms in India trusted by 1,200,000+ Indian businesses. But in how if you didn’t get the notes, you can reach out to me at  

Q- Is it enough to read from your notes?

Ans- Ofcourse yes. If you read from our notes, you will have no need to read from any other books. Also, you will have complete knowledge of Macro Economics from all theoretical to practical aspects.

So, what’s holding you back? Get the Macro Economics Notes from Glad Tutor now!

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