Methods and Techniques of Costing |Cost Accounting

Methods and Techniques of Costing

Methods and Techniques of Costing plays a very important role in Cost Accounting. But there is a difference between the Methods and Techniques of Costing. But before knowing the difference, firstly know what are the various Methods and Techniques of Cost Accounting. Also Check- Complete Cost Accounting Notes for BBA, BCOM, MBA PDF Download Methods … Read more

Recruitment and Selection Process in HRM | Step by Step Process

Recruitment and Selection Process in HRM

Recruitment and Selection Process in HRM refers to the locating and encouraging the potential applicants so as to pick that one who has relevant qualifications and skills to fit for a job role in the organization. It’s simple purpose is to choose the most successful performing applicant from the pool of Candidates. Both these process … Read more

Installation of Costing System – Steps in Installation and Difficulties

Installation of Costing System

Read this Article upto the End to know about the Installation of Costing System, essentials of Good Costing System, Steps, Difficulties and How to Overcome those Difficulties. When New Costing System is introduced in a firm for the Installation, it comes with a Complete set of Rules, steps or the procedure, benefits so as to … Read more

Cost Accounting Notes for B.COM, BBA 2nd Year, MBA 1st Year PDF

Cost Accounting Notes PDF

Every Firm incurs so many costs which are directly or indirectly related to their Business. But when all the companies incur the same costs, then how few companies can easily track their exact expenses, profits, do forecasting and more which so many other companies can’t?  It’s because companies hire a cost accountant which do the … Read more