Top 2 Sources of Finance

Top 2 Essential Sources of Finance

Sources of Finance simply means to Know from where the funds are coming. This Blog-post is the Other part of Our Previous Blog Post about Financial Management. These are majorly divided into two parts – Short term Sources and Long-Term Sources. If You want to get the Complete Financial Management Notes, then Click here. So, … Read more

The Financial Management Emerging Role

Financial Management Introduction

Before knowing about Financial Management,  firstly we should know the Meaning of Finance. In simple words, Finance is the Money which we spend on our basic and other needs. Basically, in Business Terms, finance is the lifeblood of the business. Without finance, You can’t think about running the Business. It is required for both short … Read more

Essential Business Etiquette’s one should’ve

Most Essential Business Etiquette's in India

What is Business Etiquettes?? Hello everyone, I welcome you all to my other blog post. So, as I promised you that we will publish regular articles. So, today we have taken our first topic that is Business Etiquette’s from the Subject ‘Soft Skills and Personality Development’. Before knowing the meaning of Business Etiquette’s, firstly we should … Read more