Psychology Notes for Class 11, 12, UPSC, HTET, BBA & MBA

Searching for psychology notes? Then your search must end here because we are providing the complete lecture pdf notes of psychology for class 11, 12, UPSC, HTET, BBA, B.COM and MBA Students.

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Topics covered in Psychology Notes

Let’s know the topics you will get in our psychology pdf notes- 

Unit-I : Definition of Behaviour; Psychology in Historical Perspective – Behaviourism, Gestalt Psychology, Psychoanalysis; An overview of different branches of Psychology – Clinical, Industrial, Social, Experimental and ParaPsychology.

Unit-II : Perception – Meaning and Significance of Perception; Perceptual Organization -Laws of Organization; Perceptual Abnormalities – Illusions & Hallucinations.

Unit-III : Learning – Meaning and Process; Types of Learning; Learning Theories – Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning, Social Learning Theories, Learning Curves; Problem Solving and Thinking.

Unit-IV : Motivation – Meaning and Significance; Theories of Motivation, Emotion – Meaning; Theories; Management of Emotion; Emotional Intelligence – Meaning, Significance and Assessment; Attitude and Value: Meaning, Components, Theories of Attitudes.

Unit-V : Personality – Definition; Types, Determinants and Assessment of Personality, Theories of Personality. Self-concept, Self- Esteem, Self – Efficacy.

Introduction to Psychology Notes PDF

Glad Tutor provides you the complete psychology pdf notes for class 11, 12th, UPSC, HTET, BBA, BCOM and MBA Students.

Whether you are in college/school or took the gap for civil services, this subject plays a major role after your studies also. The main aim of the psychology subject notes is to facilitate an understanding of human behavior and its varied determinants. 

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Psychology Notes Class 11

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Psychology Notes for Class 11

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