Top 25 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills in Corporate are an essential requirement these days. But I have Noticed one thing that so many peoples have a Public Speaking Fear.

Even I had also, To know How I have Overcome my Fear of Public Speaking then First Click here. Only Overcoming the Fear isn’t Enough, you should also have Presentation Skills  to give an Effective Presentation.

So, Now Question comes in our Mind that how to give an Effective Presentation. When You go for a Presentation, you have to keep in mind the few things which will Improve your Presentation Skills.

Here are the Top 25 useful Tips to Improve your Presentation skills-

  1. Analyze the Audience
Oral Presentation Skills
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You can’t waste your whole time by giving the Same Presentation to Everyone. Firstly, you need to Analyze your Audience. If Your Audience is the Professional or the Educated ones, You can take the Main Points rather than going in Detail and can also use Technical Jargon.

But If Your Audience is the Common Man, You will have to start from Scratch or to tell them in Detail.

  2. Reach before Time

Reaching on Time increases the butterflies in your Stomach which will make your preparation in vain

So, Always try to come before some time so that You can check all the things like Projector, Mic whether they are working or not.

  3. First Talk with Your Audience

Whatever the Purpose of Presentation, Before Proceeding, You can do a Meet and Greet with your Audience like Introducing Yourself and Telling about on Which Topic You will give Presentation.

  4. Grab the Attention from the Start

An Attractive Start can Change the whole Presentation. It can be done by saying the Story, Quotes & Shocking Facts which will grab the Attention of your Audience by your Effective Presentation Skills.

5. Start with a Smile

One Smile makes the Other 100 Person Smile’.

No one will be Interested in Your Content If You make a Disheartened  Face.
So, Put a Little Smile on Your Face so that Audience can be easily engaged with you.

  6. Don’t Read from the Slides

The presentation doesn’t mean to read from the slides. We have to just write down the Main points and the explanation should be given by our own words.

  7. Use the Chronological Order

Whatever You explain in your Presentation, use the Chronological order. Start with the Past then Present and then Future Like You are telling about any Act  When it came then their Present Scenario and its Future Forecast.

  8. Problems-Cause-Solution

You never say the Solution of anything without describing the Problem first. First, You have to describe the problems, what are their causes and then, tell the Solutions so that the Audience will listen to you by maintaining the suspense. Otherwise, If you Tell the solution first, Audience willn’t listen to you.

  9. Maintain the Coordination

Speech and Presentation are both the Different Things Expect One similarity of Speaking in front of Public.

But the Difference is that Presentation, We have to maintain Coordination with the slides and our Words. We have to speak acc. To our Slides.

There shouldn’t be like We are explaining but not changing the slides which show a lack Of Coordination in the Presentation.

  10. Also, See Others PPT –

Watch Others PPT also.
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A Great Way to Give your Presentation to Observe other Presentations. If You observe Others Presentation, You will be known how to make  Effective Presentation.

  11. Don’t Speak Monotone

Effective Presenter is the One who Attracts everyone from their Words. The Tone of your words shows Either You are Serious or in another mood which shows your Presentation Skills.

  12. Maintain Proper Eye Contact

Eye Contact makes everyone attracted to the Presentation because by Eye Contact the Audience feels somewhat Personal by giving them Attention to them.

  13. Don’t Stand on One Place

In order to Remove the Nervousness and Cover the Dias, you can’t stand in only one place. You have to move from left to right making your hands free in order to make an Effective Presentation.

  14. Use Videos in your PPT

Audio- Visual Aids can take a sudden Attention by Everyone. Try to Add 1-2 Videos so that You can also get some time to Relax in between your Presentation

  15. Dress formal-

In Business Presentation or any Class Presentation, Try to Be in Formal which shows yours Etiquette and It will also give you Little Bit Confidence also. It also put a Good Impression on the Audience or the Others members.

  16. Voice shouldn’t be too low or too high

Whether the Content of Your Presentation is Great or Not, But If Your Voice isn’t Audible or too high, No one will listen to your PowerPoint Presentation.

  17. Ask the Questions from the Audience-

Ask Questions in Presentation
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Try to Check whether the Audience is Hearing or Listening. You can ask the Questions in between the Presentation.

The other Benefit of this is that You are Engaging the Audience by asking the Questions which will make them Attentive also.

  18. Don’t Mumble

If You have a Habit to Speak Fast or Mumble, You will have to Improve that Habit. You can’t overcome this Habit in One day.

But You can Improve this because ‘Slow and Steady wins the Race’. The Main Reason of the Mumbling is Because of the laziness of your Tongue.

When You do less use of your tongue, your Tongue got lazy. You can do the Tongue Exercise which you can Check it on YouTube.

  19. Pronounce the Words Correctly

It can also be a Situation that If You don’t pronounce the word Correctly, Someone can stand from the Audience to Correct you.

So, Be prepared by Yourself. After making the Presentation, you can check out the Pronunciation of the difficult words on Google to make them Better Pronounced.

  20. Say No if You Don’t Know

Saying No will not Make you Down. If You don’t know about any Concept or Word, Instead of Entering a useless Conversation.

  21. Use 4’S of Making Presentation Effective

You can use 4’S which are Strategy, Structure, Support and Speech. You have to consider All these 4 points while making your Presentation to make it Effective.

  22. Show Charts, Graphs in case of showing Figures-

If You have any Comparative Data or any Big Amount Included like Budget. Saying All those words Verbally isn’t easy to make them easily Understood.

You can show these Data in the form of Charts, Graphs which makes better understand to them.

  23. Visualize

A Positive Visualization gives you Wings to you by thinking that Everyone is giving Appraise to your Presentation by giving standing Ovation by seeing your Presentation Skills etc which will Boost your Confidence.

  24. Do Exercises

Doing Exercises makes your Body fit. If You do Simple Stretching Exercise on the Day of your Presentation, It will also help you because It releases a Gas named Endorphin in your Brain which makes you feel active and Happy.

  25. Summarize all the Points in the End

I see so many peoples having this doubt in their Mind about How to Conclude a PowerPoint Presentation.

There are so many ways to Conclude like Summarizing the Points which they discussed before, or saying Conclusion about your Presentation or Ask the Learning from your Audience or can just only say Thank You For Being Patient and all.

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